To help the innate explorer in everyone to travel to and interact with distant real places.

Sandalbay Discovery invites you to explore remote, distant places from live drones using their VRDRONES.LIVE platform.

PHASE 1: Watch real drone flights streamed live on Facebook and engage directly with the pilots as your reactions and comments appear in their virtual cockpit. The pilots are your guides in exploring new places from above with their expert commentary and real-time responses to you.

PHASE 2: Enter the cockpit in VR with the pilots through your headset for immersion into the flight experience. Take advantage of opportunities to engage the plots in direct avatar-to-avatar conversation and take controls of the drone mid-flight.

PHASE 3: Stay tuned!

These flights are made possible by the advanced engineering behind the new VRDRONES.LIVE platform from Sandalbay Discovery. Using drone robotics digitally connected over thousands of miles, our experts pilots take you on amazing real-time journeys from inside virtual cockpits using their VR headset and controller technology.

May 4-5, 2018: Visit us at our VRLA conference booth and try our out our demos.